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"I love that I can be myself and meet women anytime!"

KatBaby - 26, Chicago

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I've newly discovered my sexuality and the desire to meet an open, honest woman. I love that I have so many matches to choose from because communication is key for me. I would like to get to know a woman very well before we meet so the initial conversations we have are important. Message if you want to talk.


Come meet me if you're looking for a wild woman who'd not afraid of trying new things and exploring her sexuality. I live in a busy city so there's always a lot to do but I need to find a good girl to do them with! I want to have fun and explore with someone who's upbeat and fun to be with!


SEX! I'm looking for sex and lots of it. I've never been the type of girl to settle down and I'm looking for girls who aren't trying to have a relationship. I'm wild and love to explore the female body! There's nothing I won't try and I even love to just watch so if you have web cam, message me!


My friends kept telling me that this is the best site to meet women. I was a little skeptical at first but I'm so glad that I joined! I've met girls that are into the same things I am and who are looking for the same things out of a relationship. My friends were right and I'm glad that I signed up!


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It seems like a lot of women I've met like the idea of being a lesbian but aren't truly down for a relationship or coming out in public. I'm comfortable with my sexuality and really just want to meet women who are as well. If we go on a date and kiss in public, there should be no stigma. Just us in the moment!


My last boyfriend really hurt me and I don't think I'll ever go back to boys again! I love how girls understand my emotional needs, to me, that's the ultimate turn on. I want to try new things and see if I can find something real with a girl and go from there. I'm just into exploring right now and seeing what happens.


I joined XXXConnect to find the girl of my dreams. I've tried other sites but I really love how this site is laid out and I only see women who have so much in common with me. I love the layout and the chat rooms and the fact that all my messages are private and go straight to my phone.