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If you're looking to find out where the best sex clubs are located worldwide, and find the ones that are sure to be the most enjoyable for you, then you've come to the right place. XXXConnect.com has got all of the information you're looking for to help you find the best places, worldwide, where you can enjoy the adult sex club lifestyle in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries as well. Keep reading.

We've created three sections for you to take a look through below: Sex Club Hookup Ideas - What Makes Them Different?, The World's Best Sex Clubs, Sex Parties & Bathhouses, and More Information & Resources On Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, & Bathhouses First, we'll take a look at what it is that sets sex clubs, sex parties & bathhouses, and what makes them different. Next we'll take a look at the best sex clubs you'll find anywhere in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. We'll also be sure to provide you with some more excellent information in this section, including our top recommendations and direct links to some more pages that include some of the best sex clubs in the hottest cities in each country.

Sex Club Hookup Ideas - What Makes Them Different?


Sex clubs are not necessarily everyone's go-to when it comes to hookup ideas, but maybe they should be. There are a lot of reasons why checking out hookup clubs is a great idea, and why it's a great idea for people to keep these hot places at the forefront of where they're looking, when they're looking for great places to hookup. It's always a good idea to check out each place individually, and find out which would be best for you. Here are some great points about sex clubs:

They're Pretty Much Just Like Bars & Clubs, In A Sense The initial atmosphere is one that is mostly familiar for anyone who's been to a bar or nightclub. The patrons are certainly different, and there are definitely some different areas in a sex club that you wouldn't find in a traditional bar or nightclub, but you'll find the main basic elements there. They're cozy, there's music playing, there are lots of people looking to hook up, and of course there's lots of alcohol to be enjoyed as well, to get you loosened up.

They're Open Nice And Late: When it comes to the hours at sex clubs, you can bet that they're not only open late, but they're open very late, at any point in the year. As long as they're open, they will be open very late. You certainly wouldn't want to be in the middle of a very hot encounter, and have someone shout, 'last call'. This is a different atmosphere, so sex clubs are definitely places that you'll be able to spend some quality time with your hookups.

The Mood Is Just Right: When it comes to the mood, and how it's set for you to be able to enjoy your time at a sex club, you'll find that the lighting is perfect. Just enough without it being too much. The ambiance is definitely laid out purposefully, to be enticing and enhance the mood, and there are areas within sex clubs that range from pools and hot tubs, to rooms with more privacy, for you and your hookup (or hookups) to enjoy your time together. The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxing, and the entire them is definitely oozing with sex.

It's Much More Of A Sure Thing: It's definitely true enough that people go to bars and nightclubs to hookup and meet people that they can share some sexual fun with, but when you go to a sex club, that's really what people are there for. It's the purpose of the establishment. So, if you're into the atmosphere and the vibe of what's really going on at a sex club, you are 100% sure to end up having an incredibly hot time while you're there, and you'll definitely be having some incredibly hot encounters.

A Little Liquid Courage, Perhaps? So, maybe this is your first time, or you're a pro, but you get a bit nervous when you go into sex clubs that you've never been to before. That's totally fine. The liquid courage is provided, and you'll be able to enjoy some tasty beverages at your sex club, before you end up getting into all of the hot stuff. A couple of drinks and some mingling are actually encouraged at sex clubs, so that the right people are able to find each other and connect. A little liquid courage always makes that much easier.

The World's Best Sex Clubs, Sex Parties & Bathhouses


We've got the information you're looking for to get you connected with the best US sex clubs, Canadian sex clubs, and UK sex clubs. You'll find direct links to our country and city hookup pages as well. These pages are detailed, and provide comprehensive information and our top recommendations on the hottest sex clubs in each area. Your'e sure to find exactly what you're looking for, and you'll find plenty of information.

The Hottest Sex Clubs In The United States

When it comes to having some of the best places in the world to be entertained, the United States is probably at the very top of that list. When it comes to sex clubs, the US is right up there as well, and what a seriously fun country it is to hookup in! It's not always easy to know and find the best places to hookup in the US, but luckily, we've gone ahead and done all of the legwork for you there. Take a look below at our top picks for US sex clubs, as well as some other notable sex clubs, and our full directory of cities in the US, and you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Notable US Sex Clubs: Caligula New York in New York City, NY; Power Exchange in San Francisco, CA; Club San Diego in San Diego, CA; Club FA in Los Angeles, CA; The Crucible in Washington, DC; Club Sinz in Boston, MA; Sanctuary in Portland, OR; Steamworks Baths in Chicago, IL; Menages in Nashville, TN; Risque Vegas Estate in Las Vegas, NV; Club Encounters in Phoenix, AZ; Eros Events in Seattle, WA; Scarlet Ranch in Denver, CO; Trapeze in Atlanta, GA; and Colette in New Orleans, LA.

Notable US Sex Parties: Swinger's Circle in Las Vegas, NV; Miami Velvet in Miami, FL; East Side Club in New York, NY; Saints and Sinners in Philadelphia, PA; Colette Dallas in Dallas, TX; The Academy of Fetish Arts in Cleveland, OH; Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL; Snctm in Los Angeles, CA; Bronze Party in San Francisco, CA; Cheetahs in San Diego, CA; Pink Monkey in Chicago, IL; Hawk's Gym and Spa in Las Vegas, NV; Trapeze Swingers Club in Miami, FL; The Hole at The Jackhammer Complex in Chicago, IL; and Hankie Pankie Lifestyle in San Diego, CA.

Other Notable US Sex Clubs: Club Hedonism in Miami, FL; Entourage Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV; Bowery Bliss in New York City, NY; Centerfolds in Boston, MA; Pure Gold's Crazy Horse Nashville in Nashville, TN; Little Darlings in Seattle, WA; Penthouse Club in New Orleans, LA; Couples XCape in Atlanta, GA; Club San Diego in San Diego, CA; 2001 Odyssey in Tampa, FL; and The Lipstick Lounge in Nashville, TN.

There's a lot more information on the best sex clubs in the United States, so if we haven't covered everything you're looking for here, don't worry! This is just the beginning. When you take a look at our directory, you'll find a lot more of what you're looking for. Simply Click Here you'll be redirected to a complete sex club, sex party, and bathhouse directory for the United States.

The United Kingdom's Hottest Sex Clubs

We all hear people refer to the UK all the time, but which countries actually make up the UK? The United Kingdom consists of the following countries: England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. As small of an area as the UK is, it's still one of the biggest powerhouses in the world, in terms of influence and economics, and it also happens to have some pretty great sex clubs (equally important, of course). Take a look here for UK sex clubs, UK sex parties, and other notable sex clubs. We've got a full directory of UK cities for you to check out as well:

Notable UK Sex Clubs: Sunset Strip in London, England; The Bongo Club in Edinburgh, Scotland; No. Eighteen in Edinburgh, Scotland; Sophisti Cats in London, England; CS2 SAUNA in Nottingham, England; The Pipeworks - Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland; Platinum Lace Bar & Gentlemen's Club in London, England; Fantasy Lounge in Cardiff, Wales; Nightingale Club in Birmingham, England; UKFornication in London, England; Grace Of Brighton in Brighton, England; Torture Garden in London, England; Cupid's Swingers Club in Manchester, England; Ambassador Sauna in Edinburgh, Scotland; and The Private Club in Birmingham, England.

Notable UK Sex Parties: Dogging in London in London, England; TABOO in Brighton, England; Baby Platinum in Manchester, England; Liberte Gentlemen's Club in Leeds, England; La Chambre in Sheffield, England; Killing Kittens in Leeds, England; For Your Eyes Only in Cardiff, Wales; TLC Edinburgh - The Liquorice Club in Edinburgh, Scotland; Blue Velvet in Newcastle, England; Liberte Gentlemen's Club in Yorkshire, England; Amour in Manchester, England; The Greenhouse Sauna in Birmingham, England; Cleopatra's Lounge Huddersfield in Yorkshire, England; Glasgow Club Bellahouston in Glasgow, Scotland; and Lads Locker Room in Cardiff, Wales.

Other Notable Sex Clubs: Swingers Retreat in London, England; Seventh Heaven in Glasgow, Scotland; Black Orchid in Yorkshire, England; Boltz in Nottingham, England; Legends Hotel in Brighton, England; Adam And Eves Club in Manchester, England; The Western Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland; Spearmint Rhino Sheffield in Sheffield, England; La Chambre in Sheffield, England; Female Strippers Nottingham in Nottingham, England; and Dogging in Cardiff in Cardiff, Wales.

We've got all of the information you could possibly be looking for when it comes to the very best UK sex clubs. If you're still looking for more, we've got plenty more information located in our directory! Click Here and you'll be redirected to our excellent, and complete directory of sex clubs, sex parties, and other notable sex clubs in the United Kingdom.

Canada's Hottest Sex Clubs

Canada is a very beautiful and very large country. It's the second biggest country in the world, and yet it still boasts a small population of just over 36 million people. Luckily, these are 36 million of some of the friendliest folks you'll meet anywhere, who happen to frequent some of the hottest sex clubs around. Canada has definitely got its fair share of hot sex parties going on, so check out our recommendations for notable Canadian sex clubs, notable Canadian sex parties, and other notable Canadian sex clubs that we've put together for this guide:

Notable Canadian Sex Clubs: Club Rendezvous in Calgary, AB ; 4Play in Edmonton, AB; M4 in Mississauga, ON; Entre Nous 2 in Montreal, QC; Obsession Swing Lounge in Ottawa, ON; Dungeon Toronto in Toronto, ON; Club Eden in Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg Couples Social Club in Winnipeg, MB; Club Menage in Calgary, AB; Intimate Times in Edmonton, AB; NYX Lounge in Mississauga, ON; L'Orage in Montreal, QC; Bashful and Bold in Ottawa, ON; The X Club in Toronto, ON; and Bon Bon Club in Vancouver, BC.

Notable Canadian Sex Parties: Poly Winnipeg in Winnipeg, MB; Share Lifestyle Club in Calgary, AB; Steamworks Edmonton in Edmonton, AB; Kink Den in Mississauga, ON; Chez Louis in Montreal, QC; Club Debauchery in Ottawa, ON; Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto, ON; Kat's Fantasies Vancouver, BC; Adonis Men's Spa in Winnipeg, MB; Calgary Adult Playground Club in Calgary, AB; Princess Mia Edmonton, AB; Play n' Stay Toronto in Mississauga, ON; AEQSA (Quebec Association of Swingers) in Montreal, QC; Club Ottawa in Ottawa, ON; and The O Zone in Toronto, ON.

Other Notable Canadian Sex Clubs: Kat's Fantasies in Vancouver, BC; Aquarius Bath Winnipeg, MB; Moonlight Magic in Calgary, AB; The Sinful Miss Shannon in Edmonton, AB; The Academy of Adventurous Learning in Mississauga, ON; Sauna Oasis in Montreal, QC; Mistress Storm in Ottawa, ON; The Ritual Chamber in Toronto, ON; Steam Works Baths in Vancouver, BC; Aphotica in Winnipeg, MB; and Mistress Shadow in Calgary, AB.

Just like the US and UK sex clubs, we've got all of the information you could possibly need, so don't worry if it's not all right here, there's even more information when you take a closer look at our directory! Simply Click Here and you'll be immediately redirected to our complete directory of sex clubs in cities across Canada.

More Information & Resources On Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, & Bathhouses


No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to fit all of the information on sex clubs, sex parties and bathhouses in the US, UK, and Canada into one guide. We have definitely provided you with a very comprehensive listing of places that you're very likely to enjoy, and we're sure you'll agree that it's the best list of places you're sure to find. If you happened to miss the links above, click here for US sex clubs, click here for UK sex clubs, and click here for Canadian sex clubs. If you'd like to dig a little bit deeper, and find some city-specific information within each country, make sure you scroll up to take a look through the cities listed beneath each country, or you can click directly on the country to navigate that information. If you're looking for some additional resources as well, you can check out these links:

The World's Hottest Sex Clubs

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