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Stop going to bars and leaving empty handed! Online dating sites allow you to connect to thousands of guys, just your type so you'll never spend another night alone again!

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Your options are limitless when you create your own personal profile. You choose all of your preferences so that you don't waste time meeting guys who aren't right for you.

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Leave the monotonous GAY dating scene behind and start looking for your new gay hookups in a different way. Try Online Dating and start looking at dating in a whole new light. You don't have to go to bars to meet guys! Meet someone in the comfort of your own home or just by picking up your phone. All too often, people make dating a chore. Dating should be fun and the only way you're going to have fun is if you take your love life into your own hands and make things happen FAST and on your own time! YES! Dating can happen on your own time and on your terms. If you are looking for a date tonight or to cap off a long week, sign in and start meeting guys that want to go out and have fun!

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XXXConnect is all about you and your dating life! When you sign up, you are creating your own dating world full of connections that you want, so there's no more guessing! You feel like you've wasted your time long enough or maybe you're not getting the hot feeling you used to get with love connections. BRING THAT FEELING BACK with dating and start to get those tingles that tell you that it feels right. Your own dating world with men that are on your dream list are signing in daily, you just haven't met them yet but you are so close to finding the men of your dreams and all with just a few things to fill out and a desire to start getting it on. Put down your copy of 'How To Get A Date 101' and try something that's guaranteed to work and work fast!

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You have this dream of meeting a guy at your favorite coffee shop while reading something hipster but classy and sipping on your fave mocha latte something or other. Life isn't always a coffee shop fantasy and sometimes, you have to make things happen for yourself. Waiting on Mr. Right to walk through the door is a waste of time. If it happens, it happens and kudos to you for waiting but...if it doesn't, that doesn't mean that you are doomed forever. The GREAT news is that now you can find that tall dark and handsome stranger by logging on to an amazing hook up site and starting your meet-cute your way. No more waiting for stars to align or your friend Billy to become single. If that never happens, you don't want to end up an old maid, right? No. So start dating and hooking up with hot guys and stop worrying about making things perfect.

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Set your sheets on fire and invite exploration into the bedroom by opening your dating doors to new and exciting adventures. Anything that you can fantasize about can be yours with a scroll and a click. It's really as simple as that and as much as you are convinced otherwise, dating is easy and you don't have to spend any more nights alone! With so many matches to choose from you could be going from zero dates a week to as many as you can fit in to your schedule! The possibilities are endless because you make the rules. You make the move to set your dates and if one guy isn't available, there will be many more waiting in line and ready to get together when you are! What a wonderful dating world it is with online sex sites!

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You're out of town a lot and wishing that you had someone for a secret hotel rendezvous. Does this sound like you? If so, maybe you're thinking that it's too hard to coordinate a date when you're always on the go. How are you going to CONNECT with someone if you don't know anyone in the city you're traveling to. Would it surprise you to know that it's just as easy as hooking up in your own city? If you are looking for out of town dates, all you have to do is change your location preferences! If you know ahead of time that you'll be out of town, get to know guys in the city you're going to so that you have a plan in motion for when you safely arrive at your destination. No more "extra pillows" for you. You can actually meet a guy just like you, on the road. What could be better than connecting with someone you have something in common with, even when you're not in the comforts of your own city.

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You don't have to wait to get home to have sexy, discreet and casual encounters. There are guys from all over the world logged in everyday and looking for hookups all the time! You don't have to put dating on the back burner when life gets in the way. Work dating around your day to day activities and keep it a priority! Get yours and be the best you feeling confident and satisfied! No one likes to be alone all the time so take advantage of that big hotel room bed and invite your new lover over and have the best business trip you've ever had. Bring love with you wherever you go!

"My matches are exactly my type, the guys are so hot too!"

GinoAndrews - 31, Orlando

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Let me be your lover! I love to cuddle and would prefer to meet my bear. A guy who will hold me and make me feel loved. I find that gay bars are fun but not the dating scene that I need so I joined this site looking for my man. If you want to get to know me, I'm here!


I've been looking for the perfect site to find a guy who will be straight forward about what he wants. I know what I want and I need to find someone who has a clue of where they're headed in the dating world. That might sound abrupt but I hate playing games and just want to meet a nice guy on the same page.


I'm a small business owner who enjoys relaxing on my days off. I have a lot to offer and no one to really spend time with. I've been unlucky in love lately and really just want to find someone who understands me and is cool to be around. I love to party once in awhile but I'm really looking for someone to enjoy some quiet time with. Movies and plays are a plus!


Hi guys! I just joined the site and I see that a lot of you are ready to meet and hook up! I'm looking for a good time tonight and I'd love to keep it just between us. My secret is our secret. Only discreet guys should message because I'm trying to keep my sex life on the DL. Hope you understand.


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I love to try new restaurants. If you can brave through a suicide wing night, I'll love you forever! Just be yourself and I'll do the same. That's the best way to meet someone. Just be yourself. I love to have a good time and I want to meet someone like me who's not afraid of something new.


Just a young, hot guy looking for gay hookups. Other sites aren't as good at matching as this one. Here, I get exactly what I want and LOTS of it! There are so many hot guys looking for a good time. I've never waited long to find a guy that's ready and willing to meet up on short notice. I love it here.


Let me be your teddy bear! XXXConnect was my saving grace when it came to dating. I've met so many great guys and I love the messages we share. I look forward to signing on everyday because I know there will be tons of love and it makes my days way more bearable. I love how great this site makes me feel!