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While XXXConnect might be well-known for online hookup dating, we also provide our members with a ton of dating advice, hookup advice and sex advice. We believe that to be successful in dating, you need to be up-to-date on current trends, dating and sex technologies, and new dating apps that can be used to make your dating life more incredible and adventurous. Our members are the most important thing to us and we strive to provide them with enough resources through our online hookup dating platform as well as our hookup advice so that they can take charge of their own dating and sex lives.

Interested yet? There's a lot more that we can offer your dating life. The guides tackle a wide-range of subjects that are relevant to our member's experiences and lifestyles as well the current dating culture like "How To Date On A Strict Budget", "How To Hook Up With Your Work Wife Or Husband", and even "How To Tell Your Partner That You're Not Sexually Satisfied". If you are interested in the newest technology and how it can improve your game, articles like "How to Incorporate VR Into Your Sex Life" and "How To Make A Leak-Free Sex Tape" will help you out. In our directory below, you will find a list of all of XXXConnect.com's hookup advice, sex advice, dating advice articles to help you make the best choices for your lifestyle. If you are gay and looking for advice just for you, we also have LGBT dating advice, hookup advice, and sex advice articles like "How To Be A Better Top" and "How To Ride A Guy (For Gay Men>".

Top Sex and Dating Tips In XXConnect's Hookup Advice and Sex Advice Guides


Here at XXXConnect, we want you to help you meet sexy hookups, learn all about the best sex positions to orgasm and how to improve your hook up experiences. Our guides are perfect for people who are looking to add some excitement to their sex lives or people who are just opening their eyes up to a world of possibility. Our advice articles and dating guides fit into four categories: Dating Advice, Hookup Advice, LGBT Advice, and Sex Advice. In the area below, we will give you an in-depth look at these different sections and the types of articles that you can find in them.

Dating Advice

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of things to consider. First, there are so many different kinds of dating like hookup dating, casual dating, open relationships, etc. These different styles are just part of the experience of dating in today's world. If you want to increase your dating experiences, make sure that you pay close attention to this section. Our dating advice articles cover subjects like new dating terms and trends, guides for dating certain types of people, the best ways to introduce new things into your relationship, advice on how to improve your online dating matches, and so much more!

Hookup Advice

Hookups are becoming more and more popular as people are being encouraged to try out this dating style for themselves. Hookups are a way for people to experience new things and explore their sexuality even when they are not in a relationship. They are usually drama-free since there is no baggage that the other person is bringing into the casual relationship. Whether you are looking for advice on "one night stands" or casual dating, this section has everything that you need. If you want to find the best hookups, our hookup advice guide can help with dozens of dating tips and advice available!

LGBT Advice

XXXConnect knows that not all dating advice can be used by everyone which is why we have a section for LGBT dating advice. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans, or the queer community, which experience dating differently than the straight community does. They have different needs, expectations, and desires from both their casual and long-term partners. If you are looking for dating and sex advice specifically geared towards the LGBT community, this section is the place to find them. The topics covered in the articles answer questions about how to find LGBT hookups and are perfect for virgins, curious people, or people who are looking to switch things up in with their partner.

Sex Advice

Let's face it, nobody is born being good at sex. This skill comes from experience which why hookups are so popular. Hookups and dating improve people's sexual experiences and minimize the chances of experiencing bad sex. Thanks to the new technologies and a little imagination, sex is always available. Our sex advice guides will not only help you be better at sex with in-depth guides for popular sex positions or having the best orgasm of your dating life, but it can also spice up long-term relationships or a stale sex life. If you want to turn every sexual experience that you have into a satisfying one, make sure to read these articles.

How These Sex, Hookup, Dating, & LGBT Advice Guides Can Improve Your Dating and Hook Up Game


We have already gone through the sections and the types of content that you can expect to find but we still have a lot to tell you about. This section will show you why reading our hookup advice and dating advice guides are the best thing that you can do to improve your sex and dating life. Whether you are new to dating and hookups or are a dating veteran, everyone can learn something from these guides to hook up with beautiful people. If you want to see all the ways that our guides will improve your dating and sex life, read on below.

Learn All About Current Dating and Hookup Trends

The dating world is constantly changing and shifting as new trends are becoming popular which is why it is important to keep up-to-date on everything that is going on so that you do not get left behind. The best part about reading our articles is that you can experience something with first-hand knowledge before actually doing it yourself. Another benefit is that there is you can choose which dating trends that you want to try out and which ones that you should avoid before being put into an uncomfortable situation. If you are feeling unsure or nervous about something, then you can take your time to read our articles which have been curated using the latest research and information to help prepare yourself for your next encounter.

Improve Your Sex Life

One of the biggest fears that people have when it comes to dating is that the sex is going to be boring. Boring sex can be the result of lots of things but it is usually because you are using the same old tired sex moves which are not going to impress anyone. Luckily, this can be cured with our sex advice guides that provide intimate knowledge about sex including the best positions to orgasm and ways that your sex life could be more adventurous. You will never have to worry about being bored during sex since you will have all of our knowledge at your disposal to impress your hookups. Whether it is learning about a new sexual position to help you orgasm better or how to ask your partner for a threesome, we want to make sure that you are having amazing sex.

Understand The Rules of Hookup Dating And How To Apply Them To Your Dating Life

Hookup dating is easy as long as you are open to new experiences and comfortable with having a lot of sex but there are also ways that you can make your experience even better. As you know, hookups should be stress-free and our hookup advice can help you navigate this type of dating experience in a way that offers mutual satisfaction and a lot of orgasms. Bad dates and bad hookups are unfortunately a natural part of dating but our guides can help you make the right decisions for your dating life so that you do not have to suffer through them. Our advice will help you choose to right partner for both hookups and dating in general, and show you the best options to make sure that you always get lucky.

Dating Advice From XXXConnect.com


Obviously, the first topic in this index is going to be dating advice. Our dating advice guides are going to make it easier for you to navigate the modern dating world and fill in the blanks in your dating knowledge as well as prevent you from making the wrong choices when it comes to your dating partner. Within our dating advice section, you will find articles such as "How To Date On A Strict Budget", "Should I Be Political On My Online Dating Profile?", and "What Is Phil Jonesing?" Sound interesting? Check them out now!

How To Date On A Strict Budget

If you want to save money while dating, you should consider having a budget for dates. A budget is a limited amount of money that you are allowed to spend on a specific thing. Although a lot of dating advice does not recommend having a budget if you are... Read more.

Should I Be Political On My Online Dating Profile

If your potential partner's political leanings and beliefs are deal breakers for you, then be as political as you want to be but know that this severely limits the dating pool. Many people choose to remain neutral or not mention their political beliefs on their online dating profiles so... Read more.

What Is Phil-Jonsing

"Phil-Jonsing" refers to taking off your clothes prematurely when you are with someone that you are sexually interested in. To be more specific, imagine a situation when you take someone home or invite someone over and you step outside the room for one second and they are already naked. Maybe... Read more.

Hookup Advice From XXXConnect.com


Our second subject is hookup advice. The articles in this section will help you find the best hookups based on your personal desires, lifestyle, and sexual expectations, as well as help you navigate these types of relationships to build friendships or to find quality hookups even if you are not the most experienced. Some of the articles that this section covers are: "How A Shy Guy Can Hook Up With Or Without Dating Apps", "How To Make Sure You Get Proper Consent Before You Hook Up ", "How To Hook Up With A Feminist Without Offending Her", "How To Hook Up With Your Work Wife or Husband", "How To Make Someone Want To Hook Up With You Again", and "How To Tell If My Online Hookup Is Real."Check out the full list below!

How A Shy Guy Can Hook Up With Or Without Dating Apps

A lot of times, people are shy because they're in their own heads too much, and aren't as confident as others are. If you think about the people that you dislike the most, it's likely that they don't spend much time thinking before they speak, and are way more confident... Read more.

How To Make Sure You Get Proper Consent Before You Hook Up

There was a time when consent was more of a feeling than it was a verbal exchange. Instead of asking if you could kiss someone, you would simply read the situation, and if you thought you had the go-ahead, you would just lean in and kiss them. This was, and... Read more.

How To Hook Up With A Feminist Without Offending Her

Here's the thing about feminists, guys. They're not the overly sensitive and easily offended ticking time bombs that the media can sometimes portray them as. That image is created by a misogynist media, who want to keep women down in the world. If you want to hook up with a... Read more.

How To Hook Up With Your Work Husband/Wife

Do you have a coworker that you're always flirting with? That you jokingly refer to as your work wife or your work husband? If you do, it's very likely that you've also thought about them sexually, outside of office hours, and wondered whether or not you could actually manage to... Read more.

How To Make Someone Want To Hook Up With You Again

There are a lot of reasons for someone to want to or not want to hook up with someone again. Hopefully the reasons your hook up is resistant are ones that you can convince them otherwise about. Let's take a closer look at what some of the reasons might be... Read more.

How To Tell If My Online Hookup Is Real

In a digital dating world where Catfishing is a very real concern for online daters, we need to take greater care to find out if your online hookup is real. Though dating in the digital age is a lot easier than it used to be before the internet, there are... Read more.

LGBT Advice From XXXConnect.com


At XXXConnect we want to address the needs of all of our members, especially those in the LGBT community. Our LGBT advice is specifically for finding and impressing gay hookups and relationships. The articles in this section cover a range of topics and questions about LGBT dating and sexual experiences such as "How To Be A Better Bottom", "How To Be A Better Top", "How To Have Gay Outdoor Sex", "How To Have Worry-Free Anal Sex", "How To Ride A Guy (For Gay Men)", "How To Stay Safe When Using Hookup Apps", and "How To Tell If He's Sexually Selfish."

How To Be A Better Bottom

When it comes to sex and casual hookups, it is all about mutual satisfaction. Both partners should want to make each other feel good. Not everything is going to be pleasurable for everyone and people will have different sexual desires. This means finding the right positions and being able to... Read more.

How To Be A Better Top During Sex

One of the easiest things to do is to make your bottom feel comfortable. When your bottom is uncomfortable, it is hard for the both of you to have fun when you are having sex since you will be unable to enjoy the moment. Another way that you can do... Read more.

How To Have Gay Outdoor Sex</h3

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to gay outdoor sex is what you can do outside versus what you cannot do. There are some positions or things that are difficult to navigate outdoors. The nature of outdoor sex is that it needs to be fast and easy... Read more.

How To Ride A Guy (For Gay Men)

Sex is becoming a significant part of modern dating especially with the popularity of casual hookups. This guarantees that you and your partner are going to be relatively sexually experienced. However, this also means that if you are inexperienced it can affect your dating life and the amount of... Read more.

How To Have Worry-Free Anal Sex

For many dating sites, anal sex is one of the things that many people want to try but are nervous about. A reason for this is because it is not easily talked about even when it comes to gay sex which builds it up into a forbidden and erotic... Read more.

How To Stay Safe When Using Gay Hookup Apps

These apps are an easy way to find people to hook up with who are looking for some things that you are.However, you are meeting with strangers and it is important to know what to do so that you are picking the right people to meet up with. If you... Read more.

How To Tell If He Is Sexually Selfish

When it comes to sex, you should be focused on your own needs as well as want to make your partner happy. Knowing that you are pleasing your partner is what makes sex even more enjoyable. When one person is focused on their own pleasure over their partner's, this is... Read more.

Sex Advice From XXXConnect.com


Our sex advice articles want to help you have great sex which is why we cover the latest techniques and tips to help improve your hook up game. We want to make your sex life more interesting and inspire you to try something new in the bedroom. The sex advice guides do not shy away from any sex-related topic such as "How To Be Invited To A Sex Party", "How To Incorporate VR Into Your Sex Life", "How To Make A Leak-Free Sex Tape", "How To Orgasm During Anal Sex", ""How To Tell Your Partner That You're Not Sexually Satisfied", and "What It's Like To Be A Sex Slave In A BDSM Relationship."

How To Be Invited To A Sex Party

Mingling, besides being a funny word, is one of the most useful things to learn when you want to get into any kind of social circle. This is no different if you are trying to get hooked up with the sex party scene. If you want to get to know... Read more.

How To Incorporate VR Into Your Sex Life

It has been said that at least 50% of your sex life goes on in your head, though we would go so far as to say that the figure may in fact be a lot higher than that. Do you have an active imagination when it comes to sex? We... Read more.

How To Make A Leak-Free Sex Tape

Sharing a sex tape with a partner via a file sharing service is one way to do this; however, if you want to share your sex tape with the public, but in a controlled way, then pick a video hosting service with a pay wall. Be aware that most browsers... Read more.

How To Orgasm During Anal Sex

Men can orgasm through anal sex by stimulating their prostate gland, while women can stimulate their clitoris during anal sex. Other ways to orgasm through anal sex include masturbation with special sex toys, as well as group sex, including double penetration for women. Though anal sex can be different for... Read more.

How To Tell Your Partner You're Not Sexually Satisfied

It is not always easy to keep going in a romance, especially if it is a long term one, when one or both of you have started to admit that you are not doing it for each other. Our sexual prowess is very closely tied to one's sense of self,... Read more.

What's It Like To Be A Sex Slave In A BDSM Relationship?

A lot of modern relationships have a certain amount of give and take in them, and most of the give is done by one of the people more than the other. This is part of the normal power dynamic that occurs naturally when two people are involved with each other... Read more.

Experience Your New And Improved Dating and Sex Life


Now that you've been armed with the latest knowledge in XXXConnect.com's dating advice, hookup advice, sex advice, and LGBT advice guides and have had a taste of some of the things we have to offer, why not pick an article and start reading? With dozens of topics and subjects answering the biggest dating questions, you will definitely find something that you will want to check out. Once you learn all about the latest dating and sex trends, you can put them into practice whenever you want with both hookups and any kind of relationship. Our helpful and informative guides will help you find everything that you need to improve your dating and sex skills and make sure that you have the most satisfying and adventurous sex life. Our guides will help you create a life where you can get everything that you want without any complications.

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If you are looking for top dating advice and sex advice, XXXConnect has got you covered. With the best dating advice, you will be prepared for anything!

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