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Do you have lots of questions about relationships and dating? Of course you do! Because let's face it, relationships and dating are super confusing. Well, what better way to find out more about yourself than with fun and interesting sex tests! We here at XXXConnect have put together a super lengthy and informative directory of various sex tests and dating tests. So no matter what questions you may have about yourself or the dating process, we're pretty sure you'll be able to find the answers here! And these tests cover a range of topics too, from dating to transgender and literally everything in between!

A Peek Back At The History Of Sex Tests


Before we get to the directory, we thought it would be important to dive into the history of sex tests. It seems like they have been around forever but they must have gotten their start somewhere, right? Right! People have been answering test and quizzes to learn something about themselves for centuries. Some of the earliest sex tests were verbal little rhymes and poems that courtiers shared amongst themselves in Elizabethan England. It is hard to pin down the exact date that sex tests were invented but we do know this for sure: one thing that helped them get more popular was the inventing of the printing press, and subsequently newspapers and magazines. We can all remember grabbing our fave magazine to check out the quiz section; after all, it was the best part!

Sex Tests And Why We Love To Take Them


Now that we've delved into a bit of the history of sex tests, it's time to ask a very important question: why do we lie to take these tests? We as a society are definitely obsessed with them, that's for certain. After all, we wouldn't have entire websites devoted to them! But why all the love? Well, scientists believe that this stems from a natural urge to understand yourself and have answers provided for you. We as humans are naturally curious creatures and we are always wanting to understand things, including ourselves. Another thing that we are obsessed with is having all the answers. We don't like being in the dark or not knowing something. So even something as silly as an online relationship test can help us feel like we've gotten a definitive answer about something.

So How Did Sex Tests Get So Popular Anyway?


Like we mentioned above in the history of sex tests, they really started to take off after the invention of the printing press. They were super easy to read and share and they would have entire sections devoted to them. Well there was another invention that helped make sex tests even more popular: the internet! Since the invention of the internet, sex tests and quizzes have taken on a new life. Now there are entire websites devoted to nothing more than sex tests! And you know what? We're totally okay with there because there ca never be too many relationship and dating tests!

What Sex Test Can Tell You About Yourself


Online relationship and dating tests are mostly meant to be fun. After all, it's sort of impossible that a few questions can give you all the exact right answers about yourself. That being said, sex tests can still definitely reveal certain things to you! If you have certain habits or are maybe confused about something, taking a test can help you to figure out the right course of action. Oftentimes by answering some simple yes or no or multiple choice questions it can make al the confusion in our brains that much more clear. So yes, while they are definitely for fun, we can still learn a lot about ourselves too!

And What Sex Tests Can't Tell You About Yourself

While there are some things we can definitely learn about sex tests, there are definitely some things that we CAN'T learn from tests. Most of them should be pretty obvious. For example, there is a popular test about building a pizza and having it reveal your future celebrity husband. Of course that is never going to actually happen (sorry to burst all your bubbles!). So any tests like that, about revealing who you will marry or other certain specific things should definitely be seen as purely for fun. Don't get us wrong, we wish they would all come true as much as you do! But let's just stick to seeing these tests as mostly for fun instead of fortune tellers, alright? Alright!

Getting Your Partner Or Lover In On The Fun


Tests like these are always fun to take on your own for a good giggle and laugh. However, there are some fun sex tests that you may want to do with your partner! After all, it can be fun to learn more about yourselves together. And some of these tests are best with partners. We have one specifically about how well you know your partner, which could either be the best time ever or a very stressful time! All in all, if you are invested in your relationship with your partner and want to continue to learn more about them, taking some online tests is the perfect thing to do!

Some Super Simple Tips And Tricks For Navigating The XXXConnect Sex Tests Directory!


We are almost ready to list this directory! We know it can be tempting to jump ahead but we hope you stick with this section. That is because this section outlines some good tips and tricks for navigating this awesome directory. You may be thinking that you don't need a help guide for a simple directory like this. And we definitely agree there. However, there are definitely some things to know so you can make the MOST of your time using this directory. These tips can also help you to use your time most efficiently, which is super important!

Read Through All Of The Sex Test Categories

You may be tempted to dive right into the first page of tests. However, we think it's pretty important to have a read through each of the 13 categories! That way you will have a good idea of the entire directory. And when you know each of the categories then you will be very confident in knowing which category you want to check out first or second. You'll also be able to easily pin point all of the topics you are most interested in. Reading over all of the categories will also help you make the very most of your time!

Spend Time On Each Page

Once you've read through each category, you'll also want to take the time to read through each of the individual pages. Each of the 13 pages has a total of ten sex tests for you to check out. Each test is totally different so you'll want to take the time to have a good idea of the different kinds of tests and quizzes that you can find. That way you can also very easily pick out the top quizzes that interest you. And like we mentioned before, by taking the time to read through every individual test you can make the most of your time. After all, planning is super important!

Figure Out What You Are Looking For In An Online Sex Test

Now that you are super familiar with the various categories and each of the individual tests within each category, you should take a moment to think about what exactly you are looking for in an online test. Are you looking for something fun and light? Or perhaps you are looking for a more serious sex test? Well, whatever you are looking for we've got it listed in this extensive directory! By taking the time to think about what you want in a test, you'll also be saving your time and using it well.

Make Your Final Selections

The moment has arrived! Now that you've done all of that good prep work you are ready to make your final selections! And we say selections because you should totally pick more than one sex test to start off with! Many of these tests are short and won't take too long anyway. And once you've gone through your initial top picks then you can decide if you want to do more! We recommend bookmarking the ones that end up being your faves so you can always find them! And it's good to note that each of these listings is part of a site with even more sex tests. So if you aren't careful you can fall into hours and hours of doing these tests!

The XXXConnect Sex Tests Directory


Welcome to the official XXXConnect Sex Tests Directory! Below we have all thirteen of our incredibly categories listed. We have everything from dating tests to fetish tests to gay dating tests and everything in between. And these sex tests range from being super serious and revealing to totally fun and just for a laugh. So no matter what you are looking for, you'll be able to find it here! You will find every single category listed below for your perusal. On each page there are a total of 10 sex tests. So that means there are 130 here for you to enjoy! Happy testing!

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Make Sure To Visit Every Site On A Regular Basis


Before we go, we have a few last tips for you to consider so you can really make the most of your sex test experience! First of all, we highly recommend visiting these sites on a regular basis. While the individual test that you took may not change, the sites are always adding new tests. And while we try to keep our directory as up to date as possible, there are always so many new tests being added that it is hard to keep up! That's why we recommend just checking the sites directly.

Always Be Willing To Try New Tests


You may have a certain kind of dating or relationship test that you gravitate towards or prefer. We think it's important to always try new things though, and that includes sex tests! So if there is a ind of test you haven't tried before, why not give it a try! You never know what you'll discover about yourself! And the only way you can discover new things is by trying new things so you may as well get started with trying new set tests!

And Don't Forget To Re-Test Yourself!

Another super important thing to remember is to re-test yourself. Now, some of these tests have the sorts of answers that will never change but others not as much. And we don't mean to imply that the test was incorrect. Not at all! What we actually mean is that because we are constantly changing as humans, the results of these tests could change as well. What you feel about dating or relationships this year could drastically change next year. So constantly take certain tests so you can keep learning new things about yourself!

You Are Now Ready To Fully Enjoy Our XXXConnect Sex Tests Directory!


And there you have it! We hope that you are able to enjoy this super awesome sex test directory! We are pretty proud of the categories and tests that we have linked to and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. We're pretty confident that you will, though! Because whether you're looking for dating tests or bisexual tests, you'll find whatever you're looking for here! We're pretty sure that sex tests are going to be around for a while and we are super glad for it because we love them! And after spending time with this directory we know you'll love them just as much too!

You Will Love This Great Sex Test Directory

Are you into sex tests? Do you love learning about yourself and also dating and relationships? Well, XXXConnect is has the ultimate sex test directory!

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