The UK's Hottest Sex Clubs: Get Ready To Have Some Of Your Hottest Nights In The UK

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The UK is an island area just off of the west coast of Europe that consists of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK was founded back in 1535 AD, and the countries that comprise it, even centuries before that. There is an incredible history in this area, and you can bet that the sex club history here is one to be reckoned with. In the meantime though, let's focus on the present UK sex club scene, and what the hottest clubs are today. We've done all of the research and legwork you could possibly need to look through, in order to find the best possible information on the UK sex club scene. We've put it all together for you, and when you check out XxxConnect, you'll find all of the information you could possibly need on the very best of the UK sex club scene. Whatever it is that you're looking for, we've got you covered!

Our comprehensive guide for UK XXXConnect sex clubs is going to help you find out where the hottest spots to check out are, and make sure you know what you can expect of the sex club scene in the UK. In addition to this, we've got some other cool facts to make things a little bit more interesting for you, and to relate back to the sex club scene in the UK, which you are sure to find more than satisfactory. Let's keep moving on through the directory, and get familiar with our top picks for the hottest sex clubs in the UK. You can just kick back and have fun with this, because we've gone ahead and done all of the dirty work for you. Enjoy checking things out, and get ready to find the hottest sex clubs anywhere in the United Kingdom!

Interesting Tidbits About The UK

The hookup climate in the United Kingdom is an incredibly experienced one, and you'd better believe it! There may be a lot of rainy days, but you can be sure that they're never dull. Take a look at these 6 very cool facts about the UK, and find out why the sex club scene here is so great.

One Word - Rain!: The UK receives about 30 - 40 inches of rain per year, which is pretty high! It certainly doesn't rain every day, but it does rain quite a bit, and in months like January, you can expect as little as 54 hours of sunshine. You can bet that the UK sex clubs can keep you nice and warm on those cool, damp days, though.


A Mighty Island: The UK is an island that is only about 150,679 sq. miles, with a population of about 65.6 million people. The country is small but definitely mighty, as it is still one of the most influential countries in the world. In many ways still traditional (they still have a monarchy), the UK is also a very progressive country, and you can bet that the sex clubs are as cutting edge as they come.

Football Is A Big Deal In The UK, Too: Not American football, though. In the UK, football is what North Americans refer to as soccer, and it is a huge part of the UK culture. Fans are incredibly passionate about their respective football teams in the UK, and when it comes to making sure that you're going to have a good time at a local sex club, you can bet that cheering on the right team when the game's on will win you favor with the locals.

English Is The Main Language: Well, of course it is! You're in the UK after all, home of England, itself. There are other languages spoken here on a smaller scale, but your go-to language anywhere in the UK is definitely going to be English, which is sure to help make things easier when it comes to connecting and conversing with the hotties at the sex clubs you end up checking out. It's nice not to have to brush up on any additional language skills when you're going to a new country, right?

England Is The Largest Country In The UK You've probably already figured this out, though. England is indeed the largest, and has more major cities than the other countries that are a part of the UK, but don't count out Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, though! These countries have got some pretty happening cities within them as well, and you can also bet that the sex club scene in each is going to be just as impressive. You'll definitely want to make sure you check England out, though.

Beach, Beach, And More Beach! Who doesn't love the beach though, right? From any point in Britain, there you are never more than 75 miles away from the coastline, which is actually pretty cool. The beach is pretty awesome indeed, and what's not to love about the idea of being so close to the beautiful ocean wherever you are. You're never far from from the coast, and the drive is always a scenic and beautiful one, whichever direction you might be coming from. What a great way to get better acquainted with your latest hookup after you leave the sex club together, right? Meh, why not. It's an adventure to begin with, so why not take it a step further?

The UK's Hottest And Very Best Sex Clubs


In terms of something that's been around for a really long time, you can bet that sex clubs have likely been around in the United Kingdom for a lot longer than they have been in many other parts of the world. For as traditional as this area is known for being, the UK has also been known as one of the most progressive liberal countries in the world as well. These days, sex clubs in the UK are often trendsetters, and offer a very open-minded atmosphere, with a very mature feeling to go along with it. It must be that steadfast European feeling of confidence and authority that goes along with a country being around as long as the UK has been, right? There's something to be said for that kind of longevity, and when it comes to the sex club scene here, it's not really as much of a thing as it might be in other countries, as far as controversy goes. Sex clubs are pretty acceptable here, and the best approach to take when you go to a sex club in the UK, is always a relaxed one. The people are incredibly cool, and you can believe that the UK has some of the best sex clubs the world has to offer.

The UK isn't shy when it comes to their sexuality, so the sex club scene is definitely a vibrant one. You'll find that there is a variety of sex clubs in the UK, to satisfy any fetish or preference. If you're already living here, you'll be happy to discover how easy it is to get involved in your local scene. If you're a visitor who is passing through the UK, that's cool, too. These sex clubs are surely some of the best you will find in the world, and you will definitely be impressed with what they have to offer. Take a look at UK Swingers Clubs: A City By City Guide, and see what's out there.

Ambassadors Club: Ambassadors Club has the edge over many other sex clubs in Birmingham, England, in that it has the kind of welcoming, all embracing vibe that many other clubs that do the same thing simply do not seem to offer. The crowd here is pretty diverse, which makes for a good time all round, and there is no real demarcation of sexuality -- Ambassadors Club has an anything goes kind of policy which makes for a fun night out whenever you want to get jiggy with some new, sexy folk. One of the busier places on our list, you are sure to find someone who takes your fancy at peak times, if only because it is so popular here.

Grace Of Brighton: Grace Of Brighton is located in Brighton, England, and we had to put this place right to the top of our list simply because it is so well run and well known that many of the folk who review the club had not even come to hear of it through the internet. This is a word of mouth gem that many folk who frequent it like to keep to themselves, and this is in part what gives it the vibe that its visitors enjoy so much. A big hit with the locals.

Fantasy Lounge: Fantasy Lounge -- a name that conjures up images of sexy people draped luxuriously across various items of expensively upholstered furniture in attitudes of wanton excess. The very epitome of life in Cardiff, Wales. If you have a desire to escape the bleak finality of life in Wales, why not take some of your money for a party at Fantasy Lounge, where you will find others who are just as bent on forgetting where they live as you are. A great way to end the week, or to start a new one.

The Bongo Club: The Bongo Club in Edinburgh, Scotland is one weird and wonderful place, and one that we hope that you will take the time out of your busy day to go and check out when you get the chance to. Nowhere else is quite like the Bongo Club, with its odd mix of arts and crafts and sex. It needs to be sen in the flesh, as it were, since mere words can't quite elucidate the mind as to its particular charms.

United Kingdom Swingers Clubs: A City By City Guide

There is a lot of variety in terms of what you can expect to find in the UK when it comes to sex clubs. The term is definitely a broad one, so let's break it down a little bit, making it easier to narrow down what it is that you might be looking for. When it comes to sex clubs, people tend to think of swingers clubs, and they would surely be correct there. There are a few types of places that fit under the general umbrella of, 'sex clubs', but the main ones we're talking about are swingers clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. Swingers clubs are where couples can go to experiment with other couples. The places themselves range from places where you can simply connect, to places where you can engage in actual sexual activity. There are often private areas for people to retreat to once they've decide they want to swing with another couple, or that they wish to add a single to their couple, or whatever the case may be. These clubs may be fetish or BDSM themed as well. It completely depends and varies from club to club. You'll want to find a place that's got the theme you're looking for before deciding to show up. Sex parties are where swaps can often occur, whether they're soft or hard swaps, and multiple people can engage in sexual activities with one another. As long as there is consent, anything pretty much goes! Bathhouses are generally where gay men go to engage in sexual experiences with one another. Of course the idea is more for sexual activity than it is for actual bathing...which is a lot more fun, right? There are lots of different types, but now that you have a better idea, take a look through our information, and see what appeals most to you.

Sex clubs in the UK are excellent places for people to get together with others who are like-minded, in a comfortable, inviting, and engaging atmosphere. You're sure to find that the sex clubs in the UK are easy to feel comfortable in, and you can check out lots more information on some of the very best in our

UK Sex Clubs: Finding The Best Sex Clubs In The UK, City By City

section, located below.

Seventh Heaven: We don't know where the other 6 heavens are, and we don't care, because this Seventh Heaven , located in Glasgow, Scotland, is quite clearly the best. It's large enough to get comfortably lost in, and the bar is fully stocked and tended by barkeeps who know how to mix a great cocktail.

Silks Gentlemen's Lounge: Located in Leeds, England, Silks Gentlemen's Lounge is famous in the UK since it has a couple of branches in key cities, and its business model really chimes with its clientele -- mostly middle aged men, but also a younger crowd that can afford the finer things in life. Talking about the finer things in life, you can find most of them under one roof at Silks Gentlemen's Lounge -- great looking girls, good whiskey, and an ambience befitting a young stud out on the town and looking for a good time.

Sophisti Cats: If you thought you were getting more of the same coming to a strip club in the heart of the city, then you may be pleasantly surprised to know that the main reason we stuck Sophisti Cats, located in London, England, right at the top of our list is due to the fact that it is anything but run of the mill. With private booths that shield you from the action on the stage, and a full bar which is tended by some friendly chaps, (who look handy in a scrap, so you know that security is not an issue here), you will be in for a treat if you pick this place for your next big night out.

Cupid's Swingers Club: Located in Manchester, England, nowhere in the city is quite like Cupid's Swingers Club, and that is not just because it's a swingers' club, because there are in fact plenty of similar places in town. The best thing about Cupid's Swingers Club is that it is in fact the oldest of all the swingers' clubs in Manchester, which means that it has had a good long time to get itself really well established in the sex club community over the years. In practical terms, that means there is now a pretty low chance of picking your own car keys out of the bowl.

UK Sex Clubs: Finding The Best Sex Clubs In The UK, City By City

Maybe you already live in the UK, or maybe you're a tourist who is passing through, and you're looking to find out all about the very best sex clubs that the UK has to offer. When it comes to the best information available, you can bet that you'll find it at XXXConnect. The hottest UK sex clubs are waiting for you to find them here, and when you check out our comprehensive xxxconnect directory, you will be amazed with the amount of research we've done, and information we've compiled. There are direct links to each full city page located within our list of cities in the UK, and you can take a look at some of the information we've provided, which includes some sample info from each page, to give you an idea of what's offered. There are honestly so may different places of all kinds, sex clubs, sex parties, bathhouses...you'll find the best of each in the UK, and you're sure to find the places that are best suited for you when you continue clicking through our information. Whether you're a tourist, long-time resident, or you're new in town, we've go the information you're looking for.

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We've Got Even More Excellent Resources On UK Sex Clubs, UK Sex Parties, And UK Bathhouses

Just in case we haven't already inundated you with enough information about the incredible UK sex club scene, we've got even more resources listed for you below. The more sources, the better, right? So take a look at the additional links we've included for you below as well, and you're sure to find that they'll fill in any of the minor blanks that we may have missed. We've done an extensive amount of research to compile this information for you though, so you're likely to come across some duplicate information, but aside from that, you're sure to find any additional information that you com across in the links below to be helpful. Take a look, and get ready to find the hottest UK sex clubs in your area!

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The UK's Best Sex Clubs

When you check out XXXConnect.com, you can be sure that you'll find all of the very best information available on the hottest UK sex clubs closest to you!

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