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Anyone looking to find the best sex forum or hookup forums on the web has come to the right place and if that is you, then that goes for you too. If you are having any issues with coming across sex forums that offer the best set of members and the most informative advice ad recommendation, XXXConnect.com has all you need to get starting finding and building relationships with others who are looking for the same thing. There are so many sex forums online that are such crap, you may have gotten frustrated and overwhelmed. Not anymore! At XXXConnect.com, we have done all the research work for you and have found exactly what you may be looking for. In fact, we have covered just about all the general forums and niche forums that you might be interested in. You won't find this type of information in any one place as we have done all the leg work that so many similar companies are not willing to do. So enough of all the garbage forums you find on the web. We have researched and hand-picked the most beneficial ones that you will come to appreciate as soon as you see them.

Our research capabilities will be obvious to you when you see what we have found. Yes, we have spent tons of hours searching and compiling the top sex forum sites for you and it was hard work, but more than worth it. We are offering you a well researched directory that includes a comprehensive list of sex forum sites that you can access quite easily. The list has been tested and approved by management and by other forum members who were looking for the easy way to locate the sex forum sites that met their needs and you can do the same too. When you scroll down below, you will see exactly what we mean by 'easy access.'

These are the most popular sex forum sites that you can find online. You won't have to worry about the fluff brought about by fake forums. Instead, you will get a firsthand look and feel of the best dating sites that are specific to sex dating and more. We have even found some free dating sites, but you would only use these for free hookup objectives. On the remaining pages, you will receive details on sex forums and dating forums with a guide to benefits of dating and sex forum sites. Continue to read below so you can get a good idea of what we have to offer you and take advantage of the listings we have provides so you can begin the search for a date or hookup from any of the forums that we have compiled.

What Are Online Dating And Sex Forums?.


For those seeking dating sites, hookup sites or sex forums, you must be aware that theses can be found online. The frustration is how and where to find them since so many of them lack professionalism or the right information. Many of the online sex forums that you will find online are not well organized. The ones that are organized will tend to be placed into categories so that they can be easily found. Some will have niche categories, especially if you looking for a particular culture, race, sexual preference and so on. Good dating sites will always give you the opportunity to join; sometimes for free and at times by paid membership. As a member, you will get to read other member's comments and post your own comments as well. In many cases, you will have access to a chat room where you can meet and greet other members that you might like to hook up with. Some sex forums will have a wide range of features that will make the online experience so much more pleasant. If the sex dating sites have been around for a while, you will find many archived comments that you can always go back to.

You can expect to find specific jargons on sex forums that you may or may not be familiar with. However, they are easy to learn and so you should watch out for them. You will learn very quickly, if you are serious about being an active member. Join any active discussion that you might be interested in and in no time, you will become a well respected member of the community, especially if you provide good advice and recommendations.

With most sex dating sites, you will receive support from members once you ask for help. You can use comments and suggestions as a reference point. Sex forums keep you in contact with people of like mind. There is a diverse group of individuals as members of sex dating sites. You can draw upon the experience of many different people from a wide cross section of society. Sex forums keep in contact with the industry, the culture and the experts, providing clarity on a wide range of topics and interests. Let's now look at how we have organized the sex forum sites that we found.

The Categories

You will first land on the homepage of each sex forum site that you have chosen. Each sex dating site is organized in categories, which helps you to easily navigate throughout the sex forum that you have chosen. For instance, you may find a sex forum category divided into labels like Gay, Fetishes, BDSM, Lesbian, General and Interracial. You would click on the category that best suits your particular needs. Every forum has its own categories that explain exactly what you would be searching for so you don't have to stumble around the site to waste time.

The Sub Categories

Once you click on a category, it takes you to a list of comments, which are called 'threads' in a forum site or it takes you to a sub category. If you should click on the BDSM category for example, you might see a sub category or sub forum that might read, "fetish dating" or "emo dating." Some sub categories have their own sub categories, which could go on and on.

The Threads

At the end of the particular categories and sub categories that you have access, you will be able to access the threads or topics. Each topic has a particular discussion, which you can join with your own comments. If you wanted to start your own discussion or conversation on the sex forum, you would have to invent your own topic or thread. For each topic or thread, you would find it labeled specifically with a certain header or title, which identifies what it is about. For instance, you might go into the BDSM sex forum category and click on the Fetish sub category, only to find a thread or topic about things like "Foot Fetish sub category." In this particular sub category, you might see previous or new topics on "Recommended Foot Fetishes"." and you might see a discussion on "How To Suck Your Partner's Toes and Get Turned On." Or you might see a discussion about "How To Introduce Your Foot Fetish To Your Partner." Click on the sex forum sub category topic and choose the discussion title that you would like to get involved with. Once you begin to participate into different discussions, you will usually see others diving in and the discussions could go on and on, even so much that you find yourself deeply involved. Be sure to make your discussions worth reading, something you can be proud of.

The Comments or Posts

The comments and posts on a sex dating forum are submitted by individual users like yourself. In most cases, users will start their own threads, but for the most part, they will add comments or posts to an existing thread or discussion. In each user's post, you will usually see the username and if there is an image, it will be shown in 'avatar,' which means a smaller version of the full image. You might also see the time when the post was made and the number of posts an individual user might have made. The posts will be listed in chronological order with the first post being the original one.

The User Groups

There are different user groups within a sex dating forum and any other forum for that matter. Usually, someone will posts as a guest or visitor, but that is rare since if you want to be actively involved, it would be best to be a member of the sex forum and a member of specific user groups within a particular sex forum. If you are a guest or visitor, you have limited access to the sex forum. You might only be able to see the threads, categories, sub categories, and posts. However, you may not be able to get involved in posting comments or leaving a message. When you become a member of the sex forum, you would be a "New User."There is a specific user group for new users like you. With your new found freedom as a new user, you would have the capability of making comments, starting your own threads, and viewing all the sub categories, categories, threads and posts. In addition, you would be able to send a specific user a private message, if you do not want other users to see your posts directed to that user. One of the most important and essential group is the "Moderator." This person is important to making sure that the sex forum is held up to a certain standard, without any spam or scam or unrelated topics. The moderator has the responsibility of making changes to specific content or asking users to remove offensive content. The moderator can delete posts and threads; suspend, ban or give a warning to users. The opposite is also true where the moderator can re-instate a user to the forum.

The Administrators

The "Administrators" are also essential to ensuring that the sex dating forum is operated with professionalism. This user group has contributors who are experts in technical issues. These are the individuals who manage the forum rules, set up categories and sub categories, make announcements on the forum, and have full reign over member promotion and demotion.

What Are The Benefits Of Sex Forums?

There are several benefits of sex dating forums. Some people are not aware of these advantages, so let's educate you. For newbies, this information is relevant and applicable to being satisfied and having fun.

Recommendations and Advice

Sex forums are the ideal place for those looking for specific recommendations and advice. You can do one of two things to find advice. You can create a thread specifically for asking others for advice by posing a question as your title. You can also look through the old threads to see if anyone has yet touched on the topic. There are many members on the forum that might have the advice and recommendation that you seek.

Offering Solutions

Similar to recommendations and advice, most sex forum sites have the solution that you are looking for. Just ask a question and before you know it, someone or a bunch of members will respond to your question, providing the right answer that you might need. You can also create your own thread or if you notice that there is a particular user with the right experience specific to your topic, you can contact that person directly with your question.

Providing Fun and Entertainment

Sex forums also provide the users with a lot of fun and entertainment. You not only get to ask questions and take part in discussions, but you also get to meet interesting people, posts silly comments and tell your intimate stories, even if they are embarrassing or not. You can also be a participant in different polls that ask about things like your 'best first date,' ' ideal sex position' and your favorite fantasy fulfilled.

Hooking Up

Sex forum sites also provide the perfect opportunity of hooking up with others that have similar favorites and who might fit in a similar niche such as Interracial, BDSM, Lesbian, Gay, Asian, African American, European, Latin or Indian. Just send a direct message to someone that fits your ideal description and before you know it, you could be hooking up with that person.

The Comprehensive Listing Of XXXConnect.com Sex Forum


Last, but not least, below is the directory of listings that you have waited so long to see. It is well overdue. It is split up in categories and sub categories so you can easily find each one. Choose the ones that you are interested in and go directly to the home page, after which you would choose the ones from each list that you like. We have put together the top sex forum sites for you. If you want to go directly to the Interracial Dating Forum, just click on the link below and you will be taken there. Have fun!!

You can now access the top sex forum sites online due to the extensive research by XXXConnect.com where you will find a list of the best sex dating ever!

Top Sex Forum Sites On The Internet

You can now access the top sex forum sites online due to the extensive research by XXXConnect.com where you will find a list of the best sex dating ever!

Top Sex Forum Sites On The Internet | XXXConnect.com