The Hottest Sex Clubs In Canada: Find Your Next Hot Night Out At A Sex Club In The Great White North!


Canada is a country that is a lot of fun, and whether you live here or you've simply traveled here, once you've spent time here, you will know this. Canada has some of the hottest sex clubs around, in some of the most fun cities to party in. If you're going to a city you've never been to before though, or you've never been to the country at all, you're going to need a hand to help you find all of the best places. Luckily, we've done the legwork to help you find the best sex clubs in Canada. We've got all of the information you'll need to pick the hottest places to spend your time at, and when you use XXXConnect to find the information you're looking for, you can be sure that you're finding the very best places around to enjoy the best of Canada's sex club scene. We've got the good right here for you, and you won't be disappointed!

In this guide for XXXConnect sex clubs, we're going to help you get acquainted with what you can expect from the Canadian sex club scene, and provide you with some some other fun facts about Canada to make it even more interesting for you. Let's continue, and take a look at our favourite recommendations for Canadian sex clubs across the country. Then, we'll give you our complete directory list of Canadian sex clubs that we've spend the time to research and check out for you, so that you can enjoy the best from coast to coast. After that, we've got a list of some more resources for you to take a look at, so that you can find even more of the very best Canadian sex clubs. We've got you completely covered here, so keep reading.

Some Fun Facts & Cool Information About Canada

We've got some very true and very fun facts that you will be able to relate back to the hookup climate in Canada as you read through this information. Check out this list of six fun Canadian facts, and why you're sure to have so much fun checking out Canadian sex clubs.


The Winters Are Cold, But The Summers Are Hot: When it comes to weather in Canada, you truly do get all four seasons in a year, and that includes very hot summers! The summers can bring temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius (86 F), and depending on where you are, you can tack on some humidity there as well. You can bet that Canada's got the hottest sex clubs around, to go with the hot summer weather...not to mention get you nice and hot in the winter, too!

Canada Is A Huge Country It's no surprise that there is a wide range of excellent sex clubs for you to enjoy from coast to coast. In addition to that, you'll enjoy some of the finest Canadian culture as well! You'll love the friendly folks on the East Coast, the French speaking folks in Quebec, the folks on the grind in Ontario, and all of of the friendly folks that keep getting friendlier as you continue to head west. You'll be sure to have a great time at Canadian Sex Clubs!

Parlez-Vous Francais? Because in Canada, particularly if you're in the province of Quebec, Canadians sure do! What a sexy language, and a sexy way to interact with beautiful Canadians. There are few things that can help you enjoy some of the hottest sex clubs in this awesome country, more than a little bit of sexy Francais, no? So before you travel to the great white north, make sure that you're brushing up on your French skills. They might be more useful that you think!

Hockey Is The National Sport: And Canadians Are Incredibly Passionate About It When you're headed to your next sex club, and you're wondering what a really good in might be to get a good conversation started, you can pretty much bet that any talk about the local NHL team is sure to be a good pathway in to a very hot night at a local sex club. Cheering for the right team if there's a game on anywhere is a sure way to quickly fit in, and make you a favourite for some good times. When you shoot, you really can score!

Canada Is A Very Multicultural Country Particularly when you are in the cities, you will realize what a beautiful melting pot of every colour of the rainbow Canada is. When it comes to hot Canadian sex clubs, one might even be tempted to make a comparison to Baskin Robbins. You can bet that Canada is filled with a whole lot of beautiful people who have roots beginning in every part of the world. Far more than 31 beautiful flavours are represented.

Quebec Manufactures More Than 77% Of The World's Maple Syrup It really doesn't get much more Canadian than this, and if you truly want to hang with some maple syrup savvy Canucks, then it's important to know that there are very few Canadians who are willing to consume any maple syrup that isn't the real deal. Mrs. Butterworth simply isn't going to cut it where Canadians are concerned, they want the 100% pure, real deal. If you've never had it before, then make sure it's on your list of things to do in Canada, because you will definitely notice the difference right away, and you'll be sure to fall in love with it. Additionally, if you were going to bring some maple syrup to your next Canadian sex club for enjoyment purposes, you'll now know how important it is to bring the good stuff!

The Hottest Sex Clubs You'll Find Anywhere In Canada


It's absolutely true that sex clubs have been around for a really long time, and Canada is no exception to this. What has the appeal of sex clubs been though? Why have they thrived for so long in Canada? Canada, much like any other country of liberal folks, tends to be pretty progressive when it comes to a lot of things that might not particularly be the norm in other places. Sex clubs are a great place for people who are involved in the scene already to mix, mingle and be. They're also a great place for newcomers to the scene to check out, get acquainted, and become involved in if they wish. It's always been a welcoming and open-minded scene in Canada, and it's only become more so over time. In recent decades, and years especially, people have become a lot more open to the idea. They're not for everybody, but more and more liberal views are making these places more and more common, and more and more acceptable, therefore full of more and more people. Canada has definitely got some of the best spots that anyone involved in the swinger scene would love.

Sex clubs are definitely a thing all over the place and they exist all around the world. Some places are even very much known for them, and offer some of the most popular attractions and activities that any swinger could possibly want to visit. When you come to Canada, though, you'll get to check out some of the best sex clubs, in some of the best atmosphere's you'll find anywhere. The people are pretty cool, so just do some research before you go, and you'll find what you're looking for Canadian Swinger Clubs: A Guide To The Best Places, City By City

Club Rendezvous: With events like Naked Girls Reading Children's Stories, it's clear immediately that this is a Calgary, AB sex club that does things a little bit differently. Their calendar is full of themed nights like Couples Mixers, Couples & Singles Mixers, and Slutty Pirates to mix things up a little. Club Rendezvous rules are fairly standard, but members are asked to be aware of their surroundings and keep their voices down when they're outside the club, as it is located in a residential neighbourhood.

The O Zone: The O Zone, located in Toronto, ON, is a huge couples-only sex club that operates Friday and Saturday nights. With one of the most happening dance floors in the local sex club scene, and a killer lighting rig, the O Zone's DJs will have you working up a pre-sex sweat in no time at all. When you're all warmed up and ready for more than just dancing, you'll go further into the club to find their play zones, which feature naked sculptures of women, and all of the furniture you could ever need to have a blast.

Entre Nous 2: Entre Nous 2, which in English means, "Between the 2 of Us" is the largest swingers club in Canada, located in Montreal, so you should definitely make a point to spend some time here. Though the club is open 24 hours a day, the nightclub in EN2 is open between 3PM and 3AM.

Obsession Swing Lounge: Just like Fight Club, Obsession Swing Lounge in Ottawa, ON, lists very clearly in its membership rules that you do NOT talk about what goes on at Obsession Swing Lounge. What happens at Obsession, stays at Obsession. It's like Las Vegas, but just a short drive from your home or hotel room.

Canadian Swinger Clubs: A Guide To The Best Places, City By City

When it comes to sex clubs, there are a few different elements that are included under that umbrella, so let's take a bit of a closer look at sex clubs, sex parties and bath houses. Sex clubs are basically lifestyle clubs or swinger clubs where like-minded people who are into the same lifestyle can get together and engage in various different sex acts with others who are at the club. There are some varying versions (ie. BDSM) and different clubs offer some different features, but that's the long and short of it. A sex party can end up being a lot of things, but it's essentially a party where anyone in attendance can engage in sex acts with anyone else at the party who is also a willing participant. This could involve anything from singles engaging in sex acts with other singles, couples swinging with other couples, couples involving other singles, or basically any other variation you can think of. There are varying degrees of swapping for couples that include full swapping and soft swapping. The former is when the couple is actually engaging in full on sex with other couples/people, where as a soft swap doesn't involve intercourse. Some couples may even choose to stick with having sex with each other, in the presence of others at that sex party. At the end of the day, it varies, but in one way or another, there are a lot of other people present. Bathhouses are where men often gather to have sex with other men. Generally speaking, the bathhouse is used more so for sexual activity, as opposed to bathing. These are the different kinds of sex clubs that you'll find focused on in our information, so this should help give an idea of what you can expect, in case you weren't sure already.

Sex clubs in Canada are great places to find like-minded people who are as sexually free as you are, and are interested in exploring and experiencing their sexuality to the fullest, in settings that allow for them to do so. We've go the scoop on some of the best Canada sex clubs you'll find anywhere in the country listed below. Don't forget to take a look at some more details in our Canada Sex Clubs: A Coast To Coast, City By City Guide To The Hottest Sex Clubs In Canada section located just below!

4Play: Located in Edmonton, AB, 4Play offers an intimate bar and lounge area with a dance floor, as well as a dungeon, and private play rooms (one even has a sex swing). The Goliath room is a club favourite, featuring a giant bed for large group sex. Even though the play rooms are on site, many of the club's membership tends to use the club as a place to make like-minded people, and then take their play back to their own place or hotels.

The X Club: Located in Mississauga, ON, The X Club The X Club offers great design, lighting, and dance music on the stereo. Typically open on Friday and Saturday evenings, with some Thursdays and Sundays when there's a long weekend and people can stay out to get their freak on without having to get up early the next day. If you're looking to take your play off of the dance floor, and into a private room, there are semi-private rooms available.

Club Eden: Club Eden: is probably Vancouver's most well-known (and attended) sex club, Club Eden has a membership of over 10,000 swingers and sexually adventurous Vancouver residents. Broken up into three sections, which get progressively more sexually active, you start on the main floor's club area where many members stick too, not wanting to do more than dance to some club bangers in their bra and panties.

Winnipeg Couples Social Club: Located in Winnipeg, MB, Winnipeg Couples Social Club was known as the Prairie Swing Club when they first opened, but they've come a long way since then. Their name change came with higher concern for the privacy of its members, and its website became a members only affair, with personal logins and a social media platform where members are encouraged to post sexy pictures of themselves and make plans to hookup with members who catch their fancy.

Canada Sex Clubs: A Coast To Coast, City By City Guide To The Hottest Sex Clubs In Canada

If you're a resident, or you're simply passing through Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, or Winnipeg, XXXConnect has got all of the information you could possibly need when it comes to finding information about the very best Canada sex clubs. If you take a look at the information we've provided below, you'll find the complete directory from XXXConnect, which lists Canadian cities that have been included in this guide, in addition to direct links to the full pages for each, that will include blurbs of information that will give you a taste of the information we've made available to you on these pages. There are so many fantastic Canada sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses for you to find included in this information, so keep on clicking, because there's still lots to learn about the hottest spots in Canada! If you head to each individual city page, you'll find plenty more examples of fantastic sex clubs, and many different kinds of them, that you'll be able to check out. Take a look at the city you're interested in below, and get all the info you'll need on where to find the hottest Canada sex clubs close to you!

Canada Hookup Spots: Calgary

Widely known across Canada as one of its most progressive cities (if not THE most progressive), Calgary offers up lots of great options for locals or tourists in town looking to get out and mingle in various stages of undress. Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Edmonton

Winters in Edmonton can be cruel, as they're among the coldest in Canada. But try as the snow might try, you can't keep a healthy libido indoors for that long. The sex club scene in Edmonton is a little more hidden than most, but with the help of this guide, you'll find lots of swingers... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Mississauga

Right next door to Toronto, you'll discover that Mississauga has a lot more to offer than you might expect. A couple larger venues than in the big city typically, and we find that sometimes there's less of an uptight vibe than you occasionally encounter in downtown Toronto. Join us as XXXConnect... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Montreal

As one of North America's coolest and most sexually liberated cities, the number of Montreal Sex Clubs has earned it the nickname 'Sin City of the North'. When in Montreal, you can expect to find kinky men and women almost everywhere you go. Regular bars often feel... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Ottawa

As the capital of Canada, and home of international playboy/Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Ottawa offers a diverse range of clubs, venues and parties you'll find in Canada. It's almost enough to make us want to stand up and sing the national anthem before... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Toronto

If you've ever visited Toronto, it should come as no surprise that sex clubs have been around for a long,long time. The history of Toronto Sex Clubs can be found in so many of the city's neighbourhoods. In fact, one of the most popular sex clubs in Toronto is actually located where Club Toronto, a gay bath house... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Vancouver

Vancouver is one of Canada's best cities for so many reasons. It's home of the best sushi in Canada, the strongest of kush (Seriously! Snoop Dogg loves Vancouver for a reason), gorgeous... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Winnipeg

Manitoba is cold in the winter. Reeeeally cold. So it makes sense that the people of Winnipeg are often looking for brand new and exciting ways to stay warm that won't double their hydro bill. That's where sex clubs... Read more.

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