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SpaceFucker.com is a free niche dating forum site that deals with topics like sex and dating as well as relationships. You can become a member, log in and begin giving your input in any topic of choice.

SpaceFucker.com Allows Users To Tell Their First Time Sex Stories And Experiences!

  • Community news
  • Site suggestions and feedback
  • Lots of sex related topics for discussion
  • Good moderators
  • BDSM sex stories
  • Quick links
  • Recent posts
  • Family relationships


Sexyads.com is a resource website for dating, relationship and news related to sex, which is helpful to everyone who becomes a member. This site is a niche dating forum with several important threads with discussions that tend to be instrumental to the users that are seeking pertinent answers to their questions.

SexyAds.com Is A Helpful Niche Dating Forum Site That Targets Online Dating, Sex And Other Relevant Sexual Encounters!

  • Thousands of members
  • Forum archive
  • Welcome to newcomers
  • Easy to navigate
  • Creative corner
  • Discussions about sexual fantasies
  • Gaming forum
  • Health and Fitness conversations


City-Data.com is one of the niche dating forums that has some very hot topics that concern so many people who are not comfortable asking those personal questions, but will read your comments and find it helpful. You will see topics like giving a guy a second chance, even after he rejected you and vent your frustrations on how long the honeymoon period lasted in the relationship.

City-Data.com Has Tons Of Lively Topics That Is Actively Discussed On This Niche Dating Forum!

  • CDR chat thread
  • PG13 rating
  • Personal ads
  • Poll and surveys
  • Pre-marriage tips and advice


TooTimid.com is considered a niche dating forum site that addresses a wide range of issues. Some of the topics discussed includes porn positions, initiating sex, favorite sexual positions, cock rings, lingerie, sex toys and the signs to look for when a man is not good in bed.

TooTimid.com Is A Niche Dating Forum Site That Allows Sex Topics That Are Graphic, But Helpful To Members!

  • Discussions about oral sex
  • Fetish and bondage conversations
  • Discussing sex positions and methods
  • Role playing questions and answers
  • Easy to navigate
  • Active discussions


You can identify with Fetish-Planet.org, especially if you are passionate about anything related to fetish. This niche dating forum is for individuals that have specific intimate desires where they want to fulfill fantasies about foot fetish, for example. This is the place where they can fulfill those fantasies and feel like no one is judging them.

Fetish-Planet.org Is One Of The Most Amazing Niche Dating Forum Online Where Users Feel Comfortable!

  • Wide range of topics
  • Multiple user capabilities
  • Fast responses to questions
  • Open for new registration


ILoveInterracial.com is one of the niche dating forums that places emphasis on interracial dating and relationships with individuals from another race. It is one of the trendy sites that people of different race go to become members because of all the lively discussions and hot topics.

ILoveInterracial.com Is A Fully Administrated Interracial Dating Forum Site Where All Videos and Photos Are Submitted By Members!

  • Hot interracial photos
  • Web cam chat
  • Popular videos
  • Interracial community
  • More than 750,000 members in the community
  • Extreme content


FemaleFirst.co.uk is a free niche dating forum site that has lots of discussion topics. This niche dating forum covers issues related to relationship, social and politics. Members can use the information as answers to questions that may have been a concern to them.

FemaleFirst.co.uk Displays A Section About Celebrity Guys And Girls!

  • International moderators
  • Entertainment news
  • Member chit chat
  • Administrators
  • Member birthdays
  • Members online
  • Forum stats
  • Love and sex
  • Competition forum
  • Celebrity news
  • Bedroom Chat
  • Stupid Zone
  • Members tips and advice


LuckyMojo.com is a website dedicated to love spells that target different relationship and dating issues on this niche dating forum site. Some of the love spells include making a lover spill the beans about his or her secret relationship and getting your lover to finally get a job or an education.

LuckyMojo.com Is A Love Spell Website With A Wide Range Of Spells For Different Situations!

  • Lots of other members
  • General discussions
  • News and announcements
  • Discussions about polyamory
  • Different love spells


ExposedForums.com is the niche dating forums that exposes issues regarding sex, dating and relationships. This is the place where you will find the right answers. You can also post your pictures and videos, but the site is efficiently moderated and so you should read the rules first.

ExposedForums.com Is An Erotic Niche Dating Forum Site With Highlight Porn Videos And Pictures!

  • Sign up for free
  • General discussion
  • Open access
  • Section on what's happening now?
  • Amateur pics and videos
  • What's new?


GirlsChase.com is a website dedicated to helping people to hook up on niche dating forum sites online. You will receive obvious and basic answers to questions that might be of concern. These include how to chase girls, how to date a girl you like and how to find a quick hook up. Obtain access to a directory of niche dating forum sites, which you will find on XXXConnect.com. There, you will choose the one that best meets your needs.

GirlsChase.com Is A Niche Dating Forum Website Where You Get Tips On How To Improve Your Relationships And Social Life!

  • Discussions about relationship, lifestyle and sex
  • Thousands of members
  • General discussions
  • Tactics and Techniques
  • Fast and honest answers
  • Off topics
  • Beginner topics

Directory Of Niche Dating Forum Sites - XXXConnect.com

Get access to a directory of niche dating forum sites, which you will find on XXXConnect.com. There, you will choose the one that best meets your needs.

Directory Of Niche Dating Forum Sites - XXXConnect.com