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A List Of The #1 LGBT Dating Forum Sites



LGBTChat.net is a LGBT dating forum where new members can get to introduce themselves after signing up. LGBT members know your sexual preference. This is also where you can meet other gay members who might be lesbians, gays, or bisexuals. See which members are online right now!

LGBTChat.net Is A LGBT Dating Forum Site That Welcomes Pansexuals, HomoSexuals, Transgenders, Heterosexuals, Lesbians, Gays And Bisexuals!

  • $5 donations accepted
  • Off topic lounge
  • Latest threads
  • Announcements
  • News and politics about LGBT issues
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Upgrade account
  • More than 30,000 active members
  • Latest responses


EmptyClosets.com is the LGBT dating forum site that gives coming out advice and other LGBT tips and suggestions. Check out the thread that has discussions related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

EmptyClosets.com Is The Most Active LGBT Dating Forum Site That Offers The Best Answers To Pertinent Questions!

  • Be aware that website uses cookies
  • Welcome lounge
  • Chit chat
  • LGBT news
  • Current events
  • Fun and games
  • Support area
  • General advice
  • Help and feedback


Unforumzed.com is the one stop shop for everything related to the lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gay lifestyle. This is the LGBT dating forum that you would want to be a member of. It discusses all topics related to the LGBT lifestyle, which is why you will find answers to your concerns here.

Unforumzed.com Allows Users To Share Stories About Coming Out And Hooking Up!

  • Easy to navigate
  • Thread display options
  • Posting permission
  • Gay relationship advice
  • Relevant answers to questions


HardwareZone.com is the LBGT dating forum site where everyone feels at home and can post whatever they wish as long as it is related to the theme of the forum. Every member and even the moderators are responsible for what they post.

HardwareZone.com Is A LGBT Dating Forum That Is Lively And Active With Members Chipping In To Answer Other Member's Questions!

  • Several volunteer moderators
  • Hang out and chill out spot
  • Celebrity buzz
  • Active conversations
  • Hot threads
  • Start a new thread
  • Read terms of service


FMForums.co.uk is a male celebrity site that is also hosted as a LBGT dating forum site. You can post pictures of celebrity males, but you must read the forum rules before doing so.

FMForums.co.uk Is The LBGT Dating Forum Site That Allows You To Upload Your Pictures And Videos!

  • Last visit recorded
  • Board stats
  • Forum support
  • Special events
  • Moderator and administrator
  • Pictures and videos
  • Easy navigation
  • Latest news
  • Thousands of members


NaijaLez.com offers anonymous discussions so that you can maintain your privacy. Get involved in the lively conversation on this LGBT dating forum site where the members here are courteous, kind and helpful. Check out the local club nights, events and parties that you don't want to miss out on!

NaijaLez.com Is A LGBT Dating Website Where You Will Find New Friends Like You!

  • Hundreds of discussion topics
  • Forum rules
  • Read rules before posting or signing up
  • Start new topic
  • Chit chat
  • Debates
  • Fast and direct answers


Datehookup.com is a free LGBT dating forum site that is open to everyone, whether you are gay or not. If you are looking for opportunities to date or hook up, this is the site for you. Even if you are a newbie or you are experienced at dating or hooking up, you can find something here. The opportunities to find like-minded people are endless. It's all about finding someone and having fun while at it!

Datehookup.com Is Maintained By Administrators And Moderators For A Safe, Organized And Enjoyable Experience!

  • Free and easy to use
  • Wide range discussion topics
  • Enjoyable platform
  • Gay dating topics


GayForum.com is a free LGBT dating forum site that allows users to bear their souls and talk about anything related to dating and relationships. Useful links are provided, if users want to obtain more information. This site is for people over the age of 18 since there is explicit content discussed.

GayForum.com Is A LGBT Dating Forum That Is Organized And Moderated Efficiently!

  • Unanswered posts
  • Answered posts
  • Good moderators
  • Active topics
  • Unread posts
  • Rules and announcements
  • General discussions
  • General pictures
  • Forum stats
  • Introductions


Check out AfterEllen.com and become familiar with this LGBT dating forumso that you too can get the details and advice about coming out and being a bisexual. If you are unsure about being taken seriously as a bisexual, then this is the sex forum where you will gather all the information you will need.

AfterEllen.com Is The Most Active Sex Forum That You Can Find With Multiple Topics To Discuss!

  • Specific topics related to the site
  • Forum rules
  • Off topic movies and documentaries
  • Tech talk
  • Administrative announcements
  • Introductions


TGBoards.com is a transgender board that is open to everyone who wants to participate in a LGBT forum with discussions spanning a wide range of topics! No matter your identity, this transgender community accepts you if you are transsexual, transgender, a cross dresser, F2M, M2F and gender queer. You can get a list of LGBT dating forum sites, if you visit XXXConnect.com right now. If you are looking for a sex hookup, these are sites you will like.

TGBoards.com Is One Of The Top Transgender Dating Forums That Accepts Anyone Interested Or Curious AboutThe Lifestyle!

  • Free and open community
  • Erotic adult content
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Gender identity topics
  • Good moderators

A List Of The #1 LGBT Dating Forum Sites - XXXConnect.com

You can get a list of LGBT dating forum sites, if you visit XXXConnect.com right now. If you are looking for a sex hookup, these are sites you will like.

A List Of The #1 LGBT Dating Forum Sites - XXXConnect.com