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How Much Do You Know About STDs?

How Much Do You Know About STDs? is a super essential sex test to take. In fact, it may be one of the most important sex tests on our site! It's very important to make sure you know as much as possible about STDs!

Test Your STD Knowledge With This Essential Sex Test!

  • questions about all kinds of STDs
  • save your answers and re-take the sex test regularly to test your knowledge

What Kind Of Lover Are You?

What Kind Of Lover Are You? is a good sex test to take as it will tell you a lot about yourself and what kind of person you are in the bedroom.

This Sex Test Is Always One Of Our Most Popular! Take It To Find Out Why!

  • a variety of questions that paint a full picture of what kind of lover you are
  • access to other kinds of sex tests

How Good Are You At Foreplay?

How Good Are You At Foreplay? is a sex test that is almost as essential as the STD test! After all, foreplay is a very important part of any good sexual encounter!

Find Out If You're A King Or Queen At Foreplay With This Ultimate Dating Test!

  • this sex test is designed for both men and women
  • easy to understand questions and answers

What's Your Sex IQ?

What's Your Sex IQ? may sound like it has to do with math, but don't worry! This sex test is 100% about sex and nothing else. That is just the sort of IQ test we can get behind!

Test Your Sex Knowledge With This Super Essential Sex Test!

  • it is rather long so be sure you have enough time to complete it
  • save your results of this sex test and even share with friends or lovers

How Sexy Are You?

How Sexy Are You? is a sex test that will help you determine just how sexy you are. Yes, just like the name of the test suggests! We like to think everyone is sexy in their own way but this test will help decipher it better!

Check Your Sexinesses With The Best Sex Test Around!

  • thorough questions, which also means thorough answers
  • this sex test is totally free to take

How Many Shades of Grey Are You Based On Your Sexual Experience?

How Many Shades of Grey Are You Based On Your Sexual Experience? is a sex test that also doubles as a test for super fans of the Fifty Shades Of Grey series!

On A Scale Of 1 To 50, Find Out How Many Shades Of Grey You Are With This Dating Test!

  • a fun and cute sex test
  • not meant to be taken seriously

Is This a Sex Toy or a Piece of Jewelry?

Is This a Sex Toy or a Piece of Jewelry? is hands down one of the most fun and hilarious sex tests that we have in our entire directory. You may think you know the different between sex toys and jewellery but you'd be surprised!

Can You Tell The Difference Between Jewellery And Sex Toys? Let This Sex Test Tell You!

  • sex test is made up of photos
  • meant to be entirely humorous

How Horny Are You?

How Horny Are You? is a simple sex test. But sometimes simple is best! Now, you may be able to answer this question yourself if you're horny or not but it an also be useful to take a sex test too!

Find Out Just How Horny You Are With This Super Popular Sex Test!

  • will rank your horniness on a scale
  • access other interesting and fun sex tests

Which Chess Piece Matches Your Lovemaking Style?

Which Chess Piece Matches Your Lovemaking Style? sounds like an odd choice for a relationship test because what does chess and lovemaking have to do with one another? Well, actually a lot! But you'll have to take this sex test to find out for sure.

Can You Get A Checkmate In Lovemaking? This Sex Test Will Tell You!

  • each chess piece is represented in this sex test
  • save and share your answers

Test Your STD Smarts

Test Your STD Smarts is another super important STD related sex test. We started this list with an STD test so we thought we would end with one as well. We can't stress how important it is to stay knowledgeable on STDs so be sure to take this test!

Make Sure You Can Pass This STD Sex Test With Flying Colors!

  • covers a broad range of topics
  • questions put together by a panel of sex test experts

List Of Top Sex Tests For You To Take

Are you looking for all of the best and funniest sex tests? XXXConnect has you covered! This directory includes all of the essential sex tests to try out!

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